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Reset Your Revenue: Why Your Business Model Might Be the Root of Your Revenue Ruts

…Learn How to Rethink and Revise Your Business Model for Steady Revenue and Sustainable Growth!

Tuesday, April 23rd

@ 3 PM ET - 4:30 PM ET

500 Person Limit!

There will be NO REPLAY!

What You Will Learn On This FREE MASTERCLASS:

Secret #1

Spot the Flaws

Quickly identify the warning signs that your business model isn’t working. Understand how these flaws throttle your revenue and block growth.

Secret #2

Fix Your Framework

Step-by-step guidance to realign your business model with proven strategies that match market needs and your growth ambitions.

Secret #3

Activate and Achieve

Implement the refined model efficiently. Learn to track success, adjust on the fly, and see real growth results from your changes.

Join Sharon Hayes for a critical look at how the right business model can set the stage for success. This masterclass is a must for business owners who want to move past frequent fluctuations in their revenue and aim for a model that supports sustainable success.

Book your seat now and start transforming your business approach for better stability and growth. Don’t miss out on restructuring your foundation for success!

About Sharon

Sharon Hayes is a seasoned growth architect and business strategist.

She currently serves as CEO of Domainate Incorporated and Venture Asset Group Incorporated and is the chairwoman of multiple corporate boards. With business experience spanning over 3 decades, Sharon has built over two dozen businesses with an impressive client roster that has included hundreds of well known corporate brands, educational institutions, politicians and celebrities. She has also worked extensively with organizations of all sizes on strategic growth objectives.

Sharon is extremely passionate about personal growth and mindset mastery. As both a teacher and a student, she has trained over 3,000 individuals in her goal setting framework and continues to be mentored by several of the world’s leading experts in personal growth.

Sharon is a proud alumni of John Molson School of Business (Concordia University) with her degree in Finance.

Sharon’s other passions include travel, cryptocurrency, domain names, gamification, continued learning, human design, guitar playing, charcuterie, and motivation research.

Join Sharon in her upcoming workshop to harness the power of effective business modeling and unlock your potential for significant revenue growth.